Keto diet protocol FAQ

by Hoohla
keto diet protokol
What is the ketogenic diet?

A keto diet is a high-fat low carb protocol where your body is fueled off of ketones. Ketones are generated because your body is no longer consuming carbs and as a result it allows your body to tap into stored body fat a little bit easier. Keto diet protocol is strict.

How to make the switch to keto easier?

If you’re switching to a completely brand-new way of eating where your high fat, your low carb and the specific ratios are around 70 and 75 percent fat 20 to 25% protein and about 5% net carbs. Now that’s not a lot of carbs for most people.
If you are going in a caloric deficit and you are completely switching your types of foods, you may struggle to implement both changes at the same time. If you want to do keto to make that transition either at maintenance calories (which for some people that could be closer to 2,000 calories per day) or intuitively first get your body used to not having to eat carbs.
Get used to feeling full and satisfied without that piece and then from there you can begin the caloric deficit element. But to get started it could be a little overwhelming. Some of you may not do so well if you just try to do too much all at the same time.

What mentality I need to be successful on keto diet?

Some people think of the idea of keto as dieting harder when it is not that case. It’s not necessarily going to make you lose weight faster than any other approach. Other diets about being in a caloric deficit however some people struggle with the concept of not eating carbs or eating very little.
You can have some leafy greens, there are some vegetables and some small carbs that you can have. But for the most part you’re essentially not eating carbs.

How do cheat meals impact you on keto?

If you are on keto and you are gonna take a cheat meal you can go higher in calories. Staying within keto ratios meaning eat more keto foods. So, go higher, calorie don’t necessarily shift over to carbohydrates now if you’ve been keto-adapted for some time.
There are some people who are able to effectively have carbs once in a while introduce them for one day or even one meal and then get back into it. But in general, not recommended moving over to carbs for your cheat meals.
Try not having more cheese, more avocado, fattier cuts of meat, more salmon, more nuts, fat bombs. Not recommended switching over to carbs until you’ve been adapted and established with a ketogenic protocol for at least 6 to 12 weeks.

What is a good substitute for coconut butter?

You can include coconut butter but not coconut oil. Coconut butter in keto protocols. For two tablespoons you’re getting 18 grams of fat. But you’re getting 5 grams of fiber.
On a ketogenic protocol, most people don’t get enough fiber. Instead, you could use something like some chia seeds, some flax seeds, nuts. Just don’t forget to get your fiber for those of you on keto.
You can work with the net carbs and do all that kind of stuff. But do your best to try to get at least like 15 to 17 grams of fiber per day for women and obviously it’s going to be more for men. Even though you’re low in carve you still need your fiber for many digestive health reasons.

Is keto sustainable?

For some people. Given your health circumstances. Whether you have insulin resistance and diabetes, some serious health and medical issues – it almost kind of needs to be sustainable for you to manage your health properly.
For others who may be struggling with pre-diabetes or for other people who are struggling to get their sugar cravings under control and are struggling to establish a way of eating that is steady where you’re not driven by cravings and that’s one of the benefits of being on a high-fat protocol. Yes, keto is sustainable and it needs to be for some. But for others, keto can be a very good protocol to follow.
There is a benefit to giving your body a break from having all of these blood sugar spikes and just dealing with insulin and as a result of giving your body a break from the carbs. Probably at least 12 weeks you will improve your body’s ability to handle carbohydrates as a result.

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